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When you have the need to dispose of an end of life vehicle, we urge you to consider the environmental consequence of your actions and to select an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) like Carmas 96 which is part of a system that enables compliance with European Union (EU) recycling targets. The number of vehicles in use has risen steadily over recent decades up to an estimated 31 million in 2010. Just over 2 million vehicles are discarded annually which at an average weight of 1 tonne each, results in 2 million tonnes of waste. End of Life vehicles have the potential to release hazardous substances into the environment if they are not treated, recycled or disposed of properly. As a result of concerns about the environment and economic impacts of waste vehicles, the EU adopted the End of Life vehicles (ELV) Directive 2000/53/EC). Requirements of the directive include the following provisions:

  1. Economic operators (this term includes producers, dismantlers like Carmas 96 and shredders among others) are to establish adequate systems for the collection of ELV’s.
  2. Last owner vehicles must be able to scrap their vehicles into collection systems free of charge from January 2007.

We try and offer as much money to the owner for the vehicle as physically possible and as of yet, WE WILL NOT charge you for using the service. You can recycle your car with us by phoning for us to collect or you can drive your car into our ATF site in Kidderminster.

Certificate of Destruction

The EU’s new ELV Directive makes the last owner of a vehicle responsible for its disposal. Owners must be issued with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) from an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) like Carmas 96 or they could face hefty fines or even end up in prison.

The certificate acts as proof that a vehicle has been destroyed – and removes the owners name from the DVLA database meaning the owners car tax and other obligations are at an end. It also shows that the car has gone through the correct recycling processes, which will help to reduce significantly the half a million tonnes of vehicle waste that is currently dumped in UK landfill each year.

If you do not obtain a CoD you could be liable as the owner, for road tax and even worse, your vehicle could be used in some illegal activity.

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Autodrain Depollution Equipment

Here at Carmas 96 we use AutoDrain the UK’s market leader in delivering vehicle depollution solutions, based upon a cost effective, common sense approach with a true understanding of the End of Life Vehicle industry.


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